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    Ronja Brall - Founder Riverstones
    "I feel alive in the city, and stillness calms my soul. Both are a source of inspiration."
    "Finding beauty in the rush of life"
    Ronja Brall - Founder Riverstones
    The bustling city with its diverse inhabitants, characteristic buildings and relaxing parks is a source of inspiration that is reflected in our City collections. To really enjoy all the beauty around you, you must stand still every now and then. With the jewelry in our Soul collection, we want to inspire you to consciously take that time. Time to see the beauty around you, but also the beauty within yourself.
    Meaningful jewelry
    Every day we are being influenced by the outer world and all life throws at us.
    It’s no surprice we often feel distracted, disconnected and overwhelmed by the rush of life
    Riverstones is a meaningful jewelry brand that inspires women to keep following their own path, keep finding moments of stillness, to let life be and open their eyes for the beauty in and around them.
    Brand values
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    Riverstones designs jewelry with a meaning so that you become more aware of the beauty in yourself and your surroundings, which makes you more loving to both.
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    Something becomes valuable when there is a meaning behind it. It’s with great love that we give this meaning to our collections. Hearing back the meaning our customers give to a piece of jewelry themselves is something we cherish.
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    To give meaning means to take time and really pay attention to something. Which is sometimes difficult in this fast-paced world. What we have learned in the past ten years of doing business, is that time and attention are important values to us.
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    There are so many stimuli all day long. We too often seek the peace and quiet that our jewelry symbolizes.
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    There should be fun in everything we do. The lightness of a smile. Joy in which beauty becomes visible, passion comes to life and connection is made.
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    To be honest and trust each other. That is very important to us. The jewelry we make is genuine, from our hearts. And the people we work with, from suppliers to customers, share this value.
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    With our jewelry, and the colours and materials we use, we create a world of soft beauty that reflects the beauty within ourselves.
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    We like sophisticated and feminine. Our designs are subtle and elegant. Made for every type of woman; to bring out her own beauty even more.
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    Everything we do, we do with so much love. Love that we want to spread into this world. The love that is in all of us. The love we all are. That's the essence.
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    I love your collection, they really do make the perfect gifts! Thank you
    - Kendra
    Follow your own path Let your soul compass guide you.
    Shine your true light.
    Keep finding your moments of stillness. Let life be. Open your eyes for the beauty in and around you.
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