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Twine Ring Silver

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The Twine ring is a beautiful subtle ring that you can wear nicely next to one of our more statement pieces like our signet rings.

9.25 Sterling recycled silver
Nickel free

Sizes: 16 | 17 | 18
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Twine Ring Silver

The shape of the Twine ring symbolizes the idea that together you are strong. A twine is a thread that consists of two or more threads that are twisted together and therefore is stronger than a loose thread. Isn’t it nice after a busy day to be able to talk to someone for a while to blow off some steam or to ask someone for advice in certain situations. This piece of jewelry is a nice gift for your mother, sister or friend who has supported you lately. The Twine ring is available in both a gold plated and a silver version.

More info about ring sizes is available here